#9: Fall Travel

Our Number 9 reason of why fall is so great, is Fall Travel. Fall is considered by many an off peak time to travel. However this time of year can have some great rewards and sights. Here are some of the tips we have.

-See the leaves


One option that is a possibility is to travel to an area that has good fall foliage. This requires a little bit of research and due diligence, as one needs to make sure there was the right amount of rain over the summer months to ensure good foliage. Some good places typically to go to see leaves are Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Great Smokey Mountains, Park City Utah, Ozark Mountains & Mark Twain National Forest, & Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.




Camping is another option. Whether it be taking the RV or Pop-Up Camper to a campground, driving to a campground and getting a cabin or lodge, or going to a location that allows tents and pitching a tent. Fall is a good time to enjoy mild to warmer temperatures during the day and cooler temps at night. Not too hot or too cold. Make sure to take all your necessary camping gear you might need. If you are going to hunt or fish, make sure to bring the necessary equipment and to be registered with the state or province you may be hunting or fishing in.


-Big Cities


Big Cities are an option to consider as well. Cities like Chicago and New York City boast park space with foliage, have local festivals and undergo a transformation from Fall to the Holiday Season. Smaller large cities like Ashville, NC and Pittsburgh, PA have great downtown areas and have lots of woodland areas nearby.


-World Destinations


Globe-trot in the fall? Sure why not! Some great destinations include, London, Paris, Engadine Valley, & most of Europe. Kenya has been regarded as a popular spot, along with South Africa, Bora Bora, and Aruba.

So if you have the opportunity to travel this fall, embrace it and take advantage of it!

Patrick Binning is the Editor in Chief of Elite Millennial. Patrick also owns a web development company and operates a successful real estate business in Chicagoland. His hobbies include cooking, trying craft beers and whiskeys, sports, technology, and business. Editor@EliteMillennial.com is the best way to reach him.

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