Book Review: The Professional Women’s Guide To Managing Men

If you haven’t heard of Classy Career Girl, Anna Runyan, get ready to start hearing her name a lot. She’s got a book launching this February, The Professional Women’s Guide To Managing Men. Runyan has given lots a great advice to professional women of all ages on her website,, but now she’s gone “how-to”. And it’s a must read.


Why am I telling a bunch of Millennials they should read this book? Because The Professional Women’s Guide To Managing Men is for more than just current female managers. No matter what your current position is, with this book you’ll learn what skills to start developing and start learning career development secrets much much earlier. Take my advice, read the book now before you make years of mistakes.


The Professional Women’s Guide To Managing Men comes with lots of self reflections and suggested action steps to get your started. This book is geared to help you improve while you’re reading it.

What I love about Runyan’s view is that she recognizes and embraces the natural differences between men and women. She knows neither is stronger, but the difference should be understood. The respect Runyan has for the strengths and weaknesses of both genders allows her to give unbiased advice that helps fill the gaps of miss-communication between genders.  Here’s two simple communication tips Runyan tells women to start using today…

1. Speak Up

Naturally women tend to have softer voices than men. That’s just a fact of life. Women should practice speaking at a much louder volume than they think to demonstrate confidence and demand attention.

2. Think Big Picture

Women are very good at the details and communicate by building relationships. Men aren’t built that way. Men just want the big picture, they don’t need to know every detail that will go into a project. They’ll trust you’ll get the little details done along the way. They also don’t need the small talk to get a meeting started, so skip the small talk and get straight to business!

I think these two tips are fantastic! They’re both small little tweaks that accommodate the way the other gender thinks. No matter who you’re talking to if you’re trying to teach something or make a convincing argument you need to do it in a way that resonates with the person. These tips are two of many tips from Runyan that help you achieve that.


Not sold yet? Click here to sign up for a free chapter to get a taste of The Professional Women’s Guide To Managing Men before you make the commitment.

If you’re ready to dive in and soak up all the great advice from Anna Runyan, buy a copy of The Professional Women’s Guide To Managing Men book on Amazon today (Kindle Edition or paper back.)

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  1. Katie Robinson (@kter218)

    February 5, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Thank you for the opportunity to work with you! I hope everyone likes the review and reads the book!

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