What Millennials Can Learn From NBA Free Agency

With the plethora of moves this offseason, Millennials can pick up a thing or two from the NBA offseason. We take a look at four free agents; LeBron James, Carmello Anthony, Chris Bosh, & Pau Gasol, how their situations directly relate to Millennials.

Home is Where the Heart is


This is the theme of LeBron James and his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Millennials can learn a host of lessons from LeBron’s return. Your home is important, don’t ever forget it. LeBron knew at some point to make amends with The Decision he would have to come back to Cleveland. Some other major lessons that can be learned from LeBron’s return are… We grow up and mature at some point(The Decision & Owner Dan Gilbert’s Letter). Don’t put anything in print you are going to regret later(Dan Gilbert Letter). Finally, follow your roots.

It’s About the Money


In the case of Carmello Anthony, he had options, win in Chicago and fill a void, go to Los Angeles and be a part of Tinseltown, go to either Houston or Miami and form a “SuperTeam” or stay in New York, which had about 67 million more reasons than anyone else. With higher costs of living, car payments, student loans, credit card balances, housing, pets & kids, Millennials sometimes have to take the money and run. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are greedy. It just means we want to be able to pay for what we can afford.

It’s About the Lifestyle


In the case of Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, he got offers from both Houston and Miami. Ultimately he chose Miami, in part I believe because he enjoyed the lifestyle. Miami, particularly South Beach is a playground for adults with the water, the bars, clubs, and nightlife. If you have the opportunity to take advantage of living in a World-Class City, take advantage of it. If you live overseas, in an exotic place, or even some place rural and enjoy the lifestyle, take advantage of that also.

You are far too good to stay here


Spaniard Pau Gasol was one of the staples for the Los Angeles Lakers, but with the Lakers missing the playoffs, Kobe Bryant’s return from injury in flux, and the team in possible rebuilding mode, Gasol needed a change. At 34 can he still contribute to the Chicago Bulls? As a main player, no, as a contributor, absolutely. The moral of Pau’s defection to Chicago is that Millennials often find themselves at companies or in situations where they have grown, but the company behind them has not grown with them. What results is the Millennial is far too good to stay where they are at.

These are four important lessons Millennials need to be mindful of as they are entering the prime of their careers.

Patrick Binning is the Editor in Chief of Elite Millennial. Patrick also owns a web development company and operates a successful real estate business in Chicagoland. His hobbies include cooking, trying craft beers and whiskeys, sports, technology, and business. Editor@EliteMillennial.com is the best way to reach him.

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