What Millennials Can Learn From The World Cup

We are now in the elimination round of the World Cup. Skirting through and not winning games is no longer allowed(no this is not a jab at USMNT). It is time to put up or shut up and leave it all on the field. The World Cup is this way and in some ways life is this way also.

Have Passion

Have some passion in life. Whether it be your work, lifestyle, friends, hobbies, etc. Have some effin passion. The fans in the FIFA World Cup are some of the most passionate in all of sport. They give Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Boston Red Sox, & Chicago Blackhawks fans a run for their money as far as passion. The players with their goal celebrations and protests of yellow and red cards are filled with passion. Find something that makes you passionate and pursue it.

Hone Your Skills

Millennials! Hone your skills. Learn to public speak, learn about coding, project management, take some psychology classes and how to understand people. Learn an “Uncommon Skill” this will really get you ahead. Athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, & Clint Dempsey spend hours on the pitch to hone their craft. If you are a sales person don’t you think you should learn your scripts? If you are in corporate finance, don’t you think you should know the equations like the back of your hand? Same goes with programers and lines of code. Fail at something new, it is not beneath Generation Y to do so, it is the cycle of learning.

Be Cultured

Be cultured, pretty self explanatory. The World Cup is held in a different country every four years, just like the Summer & Winter Olympics.  Here is a recent rundown…

1994 United States

1998 France

2002 South Korea & Japan

2006 Germany

2010 South Africa

2014 Brazil

2018 Russia

2022 Qatar(pending bribery scandal)

Be able to get to know other cultures, their customs, and be able to understand people globally. With globalization, the World Wide Web, we have become a World without borders. This skill will get you to places you may not have expected. For me personally I may be a Midwestern Boy at heart, but I have friends and lasting relationships with people from 6 of the 7 continents.

Play Fair

A couple takeaways from this year’s World Cup, don’t be racist and don’t bite people. FIFA for years has had an extensive campaign against racism. Probably one of the best campaigns against it in all of sports. In the 2nd decade of the 21st century we still face some challenges of racism. Playing by the rules and respecting others will get you very far in life, make it a daily habit.

Stop and Take in the Scenery

As Millennials we are kind of like the 2.0 version of the late 1990’s, early 2000’s Yuppies. Always on the go, always oh so busy. What the World Cup teaches us is to stop and take in some of the scenery. It is completely acceptable to do so. Our childhood, teenage, & college years have all passed, it is about time that we stop and smell the roses.

Have Fun While Being the Best

It is perfectly acceptable to have fun while being the best. Argentinian Striker Lionel Messi arguably the World’s best player right now, goes out and has fun while being the best. No one wants to work with or be with a negative Nancy. Smile and have fun!

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks or Fail-Leave it All On The Field

In life, don’t be afraid to take calculated risks and leave it all on the field. You only get one opportunity so take full advantage of it.

Patrick Binning is the Editor in Chief of Elite Millennial. Patrick also owns a web development company and operates a successful real estate business in Chicagoland. His hobbies include cooking, trying craft beers and whiskeys, sports, technology, and business. Editor@EliteMillennial.com is the best way to reach him.

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