Top of the Hangover To Ya

Following the Guinness and leprechaun sighting from last night some participants of St. Paddy’s Day find themselves waking the next morning with a banshee of a headache.  If you’re not lucky with the Irish tolerance you might find the following helpful to this holiday’s most regretful side effects.


  • The number one best way to avoid and treat the hangover.  Tell your boss you’ve got the flu and need to be in bed all day.  Some aspects of this are true.


When drinking your electrolytes and vitamins are thrown into a state of disarray, not to mention your blood cells are filled with alcohol so you’re dehydrated.  You’ve absolutely got to keep on drinking – just the good stud.

  • Water, slow and steady.  It has been rumored that chugging water will actually re-hydrate your blood cells in a way that releases the residual alcohol back into your bloodstream.  So take sips.
  • As an alternative drink juices like orange, apple, or vegetable.
  • DO NOT overdo the caffeine, it dehydrates the body and will worsen the headache.
  • Ginger tea, it will help with stomachaches.
  • Honey stirred into any drink to soothe throat dryness.
  • Alka-Seltzer.  The medicinally classic fix containing sodium bicarbonate will settle a queasy stomach by neutralizing stomach acids.
  • Gatorade and sports drinks to re-equate the body’s electrolytes.


  • Protein rich food and healthy carbs.  AKA no wonder bread French toast.
  • Salty food like pickles or bacon.  In Poland pickle juice is a traditional remedy.  It again, will help with electrolytes and rehydration.
  • Bananas, spinach, potassium pumped food will also help to re-calibrate those out of wack electrolytes.
  • Scrambled eggs with veggies.  The antioxidants from the vegetables and taurine from the eggs combat liver damage or weakness from drinking.
  • Take a multivitamin.  Vitamin B, B12, and folate are depleted during the celebrations.


  • Some types of exercise, for instance hiking or a bike ride, is said to help take the mind of the sickness.  I’ve done this in the past and it truly did help, plus it was fun imagining how ridiculous the story would be when re-told to friends.
  • Yoga.  Meditative exercises assist your body in refreshing the body with oxygen, get the blood moving and relieve stress.
  • AVOID steamy hot showers or the sauna.  The heat will cause blood pressure changes that will be harmful during your recovery period.  Losing fluids is exactly the opposite goal.

If Nothing Works

  • Pop a painkiller like ibuprofen, Advil, and napoxen, Aleve.  For women try Pamprin or Midol as hangover symptoms sometimes mimic PMS-pains.
  • AVOID blood thinners like Asprin.
  • “Hair of the dog.”  Keep the night rolling with a nice Bloody Mary or breakfast beer, keeping you buzzed and buzzing off the hangover.
  • Mull it over with a good comedy flick, like The Hangover.
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