Trumped….Bigly(How Trump Won Enough Millennials To Win The Election)

Business Magnate Donald Trump pulled off a stunning upset Tuesday by winning the United State Presidential Election. Trump won ‘Bigly’ as he would call it.

How Donald Trump won was he cut into Hillary Clinton’s margins with African Americans, Women, Working Class, Hispanics, and Millennials. Trump particularly cut into these margins in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, & Pennsylvania. It was the 2007 Financial Crisis, followed by the Great Recession, followed by President Barack Obama’s Policies that contributed to the current environment of stagnant growth. The stagnant growth greatly contributed to to the results. Hillary Clinton’s inability to have a cohesive policy to differentiate herself from President Obama’s economic policy sunk her as well. Finally Senator Bernie Sanders supporters disdain for the election process along with Clinton not wanting to forgive student debt and decrease the cost of higher education costed Clinton.

Overall Trump’s victory was a massive surprise. It will be interesting to see how he governs.

Patrick Binning is the Editor in Chief of Elite Millennial. Patrick also owns a web development company and operates a successful real estate business in Chicagoland. His hobbies include cooking, trying craft beers and whiskeys, sports, technology, and business. is the best way to reach him.

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