What Millennials Should Focus On in 2016?

Soon we are going into the New Year, in New York City the infamous ball will drop in Times Square, in Chicago a star will climb. 2015 has been a year of growth for Millennials, maybe not to the rate of 2013 or 2014. 2015 has also been a year of awareness to the Millennial Cause. Now is the time for moving forward, not looking back.

Millennials should focus on their energy level going into 2016. Ideally one wants to be a couple ticks above middle of the road as far as demeanor. Millennials need to understand when they should take a break from going 1000 mph, chasing the almighty dollar, the American Dream and now kids. At least 7 hours of sleep. Put the iPhone and iPad away before bed, blue lights and LED’s can be bad for you. Don’t drink durring the week if you can help it, this can sap your energy level as well. Finally, eat right and excercise.

The next thing Millennials should look at is hitting the open job market. If a Millennial has been at their current role 2 years or longer, and/or has exhausted their capacity as far as what they can learn from their current role, they should hit the open job market to see if they can move up. Or find a role with more growth. There is an uncited statistic out there that the average person who stays at their position gets a 3%-4% raise, where as those who switch on average get a 10% pay bump.

Upgrade your wardrobe! Many Millennials are entering their early 30’s and it is time to dress like we are in our early thirties. Keep up with the trends and dress like a working professional.

Invest. Invest in yourself, invest in the stock market(Robin Hood App), invest in real estate. Max out your 401K if you are able. Most adults do not read, we recommend the Flipboard app for news and ongoings, and then we recommend reading books.

Affirmations, write down and read daily your affirmations. Affirmations will help guide you like sails on a sailboat. They will also bring to your attention if where you would like to go and the habits in your life are not aligning.

Finally have fun, focus on being happy, and focus more so on the tasks and the process than the outcomes.

Patrick Binning is the Editor in Chief of Elite Millennial. Patrick also owns a web development company and operates a successful real estate business in Chicagoland. His hobbies include cooking, trying craft beers and whiskeys, sports, technology, and business. Editor@EliteMillennial.com is the best way to reach him.

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